Website Country Cuties Apparel

This is another site set up using the TeeProfitsPro System.  This is simply a splash page for the business to have a little more control over the SEO and marketing abilities associated with the domain.  When users click on any of the shop buttons they are then taken into the TeeProfitsPro pages for the shopping […]

Website Unhinged Apparel This site is used from a new t-shirt selling platform that is designed to solve a lot of the main problems associated with selling shirts online.  The platform is packed full of features that allows you, the graphic, designer to take control of your business. In order to use the TeeProfitsPro system the user […]

Website Creative Diapers

This fun website allows the owners to showcase designs for unique baby shower gifts made out of diapers.  They specialize in diaper cakes, diaper trikes, diaper cycles, diaper quads, and diaper tractors.  The site has a listing for current inventory or a contact for for special orders.

Website K9Market This is a soon to be launched site for the sale of professional working and service dogs.  This site will allow multiple worldwide vendors to purchase a listing plan of various lengths to add their trained dogs to the available list.  Customers will be able to search listings by breed, age, location, job trained […]

Website is an affiliate website that is designed to being a certain niche of visitors to the site looking for dog related t-shirts.  Once there the t-shirt collection is being pulled from the website and any sales generated through this splash site are credited to the affiliates account.  Once it is set up […]

Website Mow Better Arkansas

The site was created for a local landscaping and yard servicing business. Simple clean web design that promotes some basic information and provides a means to contact the owners to set up a service or schedule a consultation.

Website eCollar Direct This is an example of an ecommerce site where the online store was set up to take orders for specific products from one vendor.  The orders are then forwarded to the company for shipping.  This is a classic example of drop ship servicing and the website operator does not have to handle any products, inventory, […]

Website Friends of the Conway Animal Shelter This website was created for a non-profit group who helps to raise money used in the treatment and care of animals.  The site incorporates programming that allows for a current available list of adoptable pets to be updated automatically from the Conway Animal Welfare Units Petfinder listings.  In addition there is the ability to […]

Stationary Design

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